The threat of Vulcan

The perhaps imminent danger of a huge eruption, or even mega-explosion, in the volcano Mt Bárđarbunga itself, instead of in its side-effects, is still an open possibility. This is a matter of grave concern, not least in the vicinity, for tourists, and in the northern regions where a deluge might possibly ensue. So far, the eruption has been admittedly very forceful, leading to a lava over 80 sq. km wide, yet in the best possible place, in the wasteland. The worst scenario, however, would be a gigantic explosion under Bárđarbunga itself, conceivably affecting much or the whole of the country, as has happened in the remote past in Siberia. And so I versified:


  • Visit us not, Vulcan!
  • Mightily hast thou deceived us;
  • yet from the worst relieved us
  • thy very Superior. –– Can
  • thy devices threaten our nation?
  • Let´s yield Him full veneration!
  • "So wilt thou no more than pry on
  • my Folk!" says the Lord of Zion.


17–18 Febr. 2015. Vulcan is "the god of fire, including the fire of volcanoes, also a god of metalworking and the forge," and so it does not seem unfit to apply that name to an imaginary 'god' of the severely hostile, volcanic forces deep down under the surface of Iceland. Hvernig á ađ réttlćta hverjir farast?
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