Velkominn til Íslands, herra Michael Rich­ard Pence

Welcome to Iceland, Mr Vice-President. Our nations have been closely connected from 1941, and from the 19th Cent. many Icelanders emigrated to the States and have descendants there. Even after AD.1000 Icelanders like Bjarni Herjolfsson and Leifr Eiríksson were there before the days of the great Columbus who had made a journey to North Europe and become cognizant of the old Icelandic sagas narrating the Icelandic-Greenlandic settlement in America.

The markedly democratic nature of the Icelandic Commonweath (Ţjóđveldiđ), AD.930-1262, has been seen by notable scholars as signs of the Nordic spirit of freedom also apparent in the Magna Charta (1215) and among many of the earliest British settlers of America, carrying this aspiration all the way to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and ever since.

In AD. 1000 (some 126 years after the first Nordic settlements in Iceland), we formally adopted Christianity, at our very Althing, the first among European national parliaments. Even Leifr Eiríksson was a Christian missionary, appointed by the Norse King Ólafr Tryggvason, to Greenland, around AD.1000.

So we are, still so many at least, fortunately a Christian nation, and share with your Excellency your Christian concerns for your nation and society, above all for the unborn, who have been under hostile and lethal attacks by leftist radicals and secularists since, almost a century ago, the blood-thirsty Bolshevik Lenin introduced the first abortion law (1922).

May your visit here be a most pleasurable one, and do not, Mr Vice-President, be let down by some fringe, neo-radical groups´ protests here in front of the Parliament building to-day -- they do not speak for the whole nation!

And by all means, Sir, do attend closely to the security of these Northern countries, Iceland and Greenland, and by influence on the Danish government not to let our security be imprudently jeopardized.

Jón Valur Jensson, theologian, poet and researcher. Hver er eiginlega Mike Pence?
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Bloggfćrslur 4. september 2019


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